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A fun piece, inspired by some nonsense poetry I wrote for an exhibition, Creative Connections 6. We all have our favourite Great Lake, somewhere in our imagination...

"Lake Wonderful" by Linda Finn




My Great Lake


If your favourite is Lake Erie—
Maybe Michigan makes you teary,
You might feel that Lake Ontario is the tops,
If you think they’re all inferior,
And that Superior is superior,
Well, a case of misplaced pride is what you’ve got.

Since you haven’t been to my lake
Now I’ll tell you why you must take
A trip that you will find is worth the wait.
My lake is known as Wonderful—
Those other lakes mere puddles full,
And here’s the reason why it is so great…

Perfect beaches, clear clean water,
Camping spots, few bugs to swatter,
Bees are humming while the birds sing a cappella,
Where the sun shines diamond bright
And Northern Lights dance every night—
Why, I feel just like the shoe in Cinderella.

If you are a rock collector,
You will feel like a prospector,
Since the stones around the lake are right at hand,
Big fish bite while breezes play,
It only snows on Christmas Day,
And the bears pick berries for you on demand.

You can paddle in the morning
On a mirror that is forming
A painting of the sky above your head;
Have a picnic on the beach,
Then sail home on a broad reach,
Watch the stars come out, and tumble into bed.

We all long for a Great Lake,
It’s a trip that we must take,
To the source of all the good things in our life;
Because we tend to remember,
And forget the cold December,
When times were dark and we skated on thin ice.

When you want to see Lake Wonderful,
Especially when your life’s too full
Of complications that you must begin to face;
Just close your eyes and breathe real slow
Until a picture starts to flow,
And you’ll find you are floating in that heavenly place.

 © Linda Finn 2016